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Electronic Security Services

Electronic Security Services


Commercial, industrial and domestic premises all need some degree of security protection.

Our electronic security services cover a wide range of protection measures including: CCTV, security lighting, access control, burglar alarms and much more.



Bloomberg Warehouse - London

Bloomberg Warehouse – London


A full design and installation of new office and major storage facilities.

Lighting, Power, Distribution, Fire Alarms, Emergency Lighting, UPS, Generator and PA systems were all incorporated.

The project was completed on time and to budget.



Meadow Vale School - Bracknell

Meadow Vale School – Bracknell


We were called in following a series of power failures to the school.

It was found that the electrical supply was being overloaded.

We installed load-monitoring equipment to ascertain the loads being drawn from the supply.



Abbey School - Reading

Abbey School – Reading


The project involved the complete relocation of the existing school distribution system to facilitate the construction of a new building.

Working directly with the school and their consultants, we arranged with the local supply authority to divert their existing supplies.

The existing cubical main switch was then dismantled and relocated in a new building.